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We are committed to providing permanent solutions to all water related issues such as flooding, foundational damage, mold and mildew growth. That is why we are rated as one of the best providers of basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and crawlspace encapsulation and repair in the area. We offer professional waterproofing services and you can give us a call now for free expert advice on any of these services:

Basement Waterproofing

We are specialists in solving problems related to the French drains used for basement waterproofing. Unfortunately, because many of these drains are not properly installed they lead to basement seepage, they get clogged up, and may cause homeowners to incur high costs of basement foundation repair. Our basement waterproofing solutions cover both repair of the basement and installation of appropriate waterproofing products.

Our specially trained professionals will evaluate the interior and external parts of your home to determine the most appropriate system to use for it. We offer both custom and patented systems that will address every issue you currently have in your basement or crawl spaces. These patented systems offer you warranties that last as long as are residing in your home and they can be transfered to new homeowners.

We only use certified waterproofing products to fix French and curtain drains and to repair basement entry systems. These products are installed by certified professionals and technicians who are licensed and insured to carry out installations in compliance with all local and state building codes, and current industry standards. We offer these products at the lowest prices in the industry because we enjoy special discounts from the patent owners and offer them to you at competitive and affordable prices.

Foundation Repair

Foundation repair is essential when your building has foundation settlement, wayward roots, and other forms of distortion like bowed or buckling foundation walls. It is vital to address such issues immediately to prevent further damage that will lead to more expensive repairs. Some of the other signs that may call for foundation repair include:

  • Cracks in brick
  • Deteriorating or loose mortar
  • Cracks in the drywall
  • Basement mold and mildew
  • Wet spots appearing on walls
  • Warped paneling
  • Efflorescence (white powder) on walls.

Damaged walls must not be taken for granted or left untreated because they will lead to more complex problems. Water may seep in through the cracks in the foundation and cause the growth of mildew and mold. This will pollute the air in the home and can lead to health problems for all inhabitants of the home. Postponing repairs can be a very dangerous thing because the structural damage that will happen can lead to a rapid devaluation of the house.

That is the reason why you must seek for professional advice from a waterproofing and foundation repair company that has the expertise to offer you a lasting solution. We always provide free consultation to our clients before we provide quotes. After a thorough inspection of the signs of foundational damage, we will tell you the best way to correct and restore the foundation of your home. Our solutions are affordable and we will complete all repairs quickly in order not to disrupt your daily activities and work schedule.

Crawlspace Encapsulation

Your home works as a fairly complex system, and if any part of it is faulty, it will have an impact on all other parts. If your crawl space starts to grow mold, rot, or have any structural problems, it will extend to all other parts of the house. So you must address all craw space moisture issues immediately.

It is vital to know the signs of crawl space problems. When you have drywall cracks on the inner walls, failing insulation, uneven floors, unpleasant odors within the home, or signs of allergies that cannot be traced to a change in season, they are signs of a poorly sealed crawl space. You need to call for an inspection of your crawl space and other parts of the home.

Prompt repairs followed by proper crawl space encapsulation will offer you a lot of benefits. First, you will put an end to further structural damage of your home. You will prevent your crawl space from becoming a breeding area for insects, rodents and other pests. In addition, you will save money on your utility bills, create a healthier living environment, and prevent very costly repairs in future. Ultimately, you will be able to increase the resale value of your home by investing in timely repairs and proper insulation of your crawl space.

When you call us to inspect your crawl space, we will take time to do a thorough check on it and on other vital parts of your home’s structure. We will recommend professional adjustments and improvements that can be made before the final encapsulation.

After the encapsulation, the humidity levels will be drastically decreased. This means that there will be little or no room for mildew or bacterial infestation. The air in your home with be cleaner and healthier. You will also enjoy greater energy efficiency and comfort. The lifespan of your flooring and home equipment will also be increased with effective crawl space encapsulation.

We are specialists in the business of solving crawl space problems, and we use only recommended products developed by the best manufacturers in the industry. With dozens of patented products for vapor barriers, support jacks, and other vital components, we offer crawl space solutions that have a well written warranty. These solutions have been tried, tested and approved by hundreds of dealerships in North America.

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If you need basement waterproofing, foundation repair or crawlspace encapsulation, give us a call now. We are prepared and fully equipped to come over to your home, do a detailed inspection of your building, and provide professional recommendations and solutions before we write a free quote for your job. We offer a well written contract for all work to be done including materials, labour and other fees. Our rates are one of the lowest in the industry for the quality of work we offer, and there are no hidden charges.

Call us now for free advice and consultation on any waterproofing service you may need. We will schedule an appointment with you today!

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